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A key element to any business professional is representation. Your professional head shot or commercial portrait is your first impression in the digital world and your marketing collateral. Your portrait is supposed to evoke a “hey, I want to work with that person” from your perspective clients.

So let’s make that happen.

While the photographer’s job is to deliver high quality results and showcase you in the best image possible, it’s your job to show up prepared and looking good. How can you improve your professional head shot? Let’s take a look:

Note: if you would like to book a professional head shot, I work with professionals throughout Sonoma County, Napa Valley, and the North Bay Area. I can be reached directly at (707) 363 – 2489 or via email at [email protected] – I work with entire offices and teams to save you money or individuals.

What to wear:

It’s important to feel good in your clothes. Professional attire that also makes you feel comfortable and confident. Think about what you might wear to a new job interview or perhaps an important client meeting.

  • Avoid patterns, plaid, or anything that is generally “busy” in the clothing (leave the tie-die at home).
  • Shiny or reflective clothing is a big no no. Avoid sequins or anything similar.
  • If you prefer some patterns, stripes are generally OK.
  • Solids are best, avoid anything too distracting.
  • For men a blazer or sports-coat is a nice compliment to the face, collared shirts are recommended (with or without a jacket).
  • For women a jacket or blazer is great also. A professional shirt or blouse is recommended (again, with or without a jacket).
  • Say no to turtlenecks.

What about color?

  • Avoid extra warm tones such as red, orange, hot pink, or dark yellow.
  • If warm colors are a big part of your style, it’s generally best to balance with a dark jacket or sweater. A little pop of warm color is OK in good balance.
  • Avoid going completely monochrome (all black, all white).
  • Contrast works nicely, a white collared shirt with a dark jacket.
  • Dark jackets in general (dark grey, navy blue, black, charcoal, or even dark earth tones) can be a nice selection.
  • For colored shirts, blouses, anything on top, cool tones work nicely. Think hues of blue, dark green, etc.
  • Ultimately, try to work with what compliments your skin tone and/or eyes.
  • Pastels are a great if they match your personality or generally go well with your skin tone, hair color, or eyes.

Do yourself a favor:

  • Get a haircut before your portrait shoot or at least show up with your hair combed or styled.
  • Men: show up clean shaven or trim the beard and neckline nicely.
  • Women: makeup should be subtle and professional. Less is more.
  • Eye glasses should represent how you typically look. I’m happy to take your portrait with and without them for variety.
  • If you wear a tie (or want to for your portrait), feel free to bring a few ties to select from.
  • Jewelry should be minimal if any at all. Classy and professional is key. Less is more.

After your session is complete, the post-processing and editing begins. I strive to provide a clean, honest, and professional look for my clients. I’ll remove any major blemishes and reduce age lines. Skin tones will generally be evened out, teeth will be whitened slightly, and dark eye circles can be lightened a bit.

However, I cannot completely remove lower dark eyelids, all wrinkles, weight in the chin/neck area, or make significant adjustments. We’re capturing you in your best light and you are BEAUTIFUL! Let’s keep you that way.

To book a professional heat shot feel free to call or email me. I can be reached at (707) 363 – 2489 or [email protected]

I’m fun and easy to work with, scheduling is flexible, and I can accommodate office visits on site for multiple people or single individuals.





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