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Bitter cold, your breathe looking like a billow of cigar smoke, stars in the sky and the flavor of strong coffee. Typical observations after a 3:30am alarm to head out and photograph a Pinot Noir harvest in October.

*Note – if you would like to collaborate to photograph your winery action, I would love to connect. I can be reached at: Darren Loveland (707) 363 – 2489 or [email protected]

With the rugged and raw nature of this genre, there’s a visceral sense of accomplishment by the end of the shoot. There’s a vibrant energy among the harvest crew. Everyone from the wine maker to vineyard crew to family and friends are on site, plucking and snipping at a borderline frenetic pace.

By sunrise the work is just about complete and there’s a broad sense of accomplishment. But the next chapter in the wine-making process is just beginning.

I had the privilege of joining forces with some incredible people at beautiful locations this past fall to photograph the magic behind harvest. From the Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley, to the valley floor and high mountain peaks of Napa Valley.

Below are some of my favorite captures:

For photography collaboration to photograph your craft in the wine country, I can be reached at: Darren Loveland (707) 363 – 2489 or [email protected]



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