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Whether it’s a coastal retreat, classic Craftsman architecture, or a vineyard property; Sonoma County is a treasure trove of California Real Estate.

In this three part article I’m going to touch on three categories of properties in Sonoma County that I’ve grown to really enjoy and appreciate. Most of these photo shoots were booked for real estate listings, vacation property marketing, or interior design.

Today we start with Coastal Retreats, primarily in Bodega Bay. Most of these photos are far from perfect or even technically sound, but they pass the test in some form or another. Most importantly, these images resonate with me, almost reminiscent of a childhood vacation to the beach, leaving a warm and positive feeling in two.

Among these coastal properties I love the classic vacation’esque architecture and design, the light oceanic color schemes inside, the large windows in the living spaces and overuse of glass features in the bathrooms. It’s like visiting an old friend near the sea every time I travel to the Sonoma Coast for a real estate or vacation property photo shoot.

Sonoma Coast – a rugged gem on the Pacific Ocean

Along the Sonoma coastline one can take in epic views, enjoy culinary delights, hike the coastal trails, surf the rugged breaks, and taste world class wines.

Nestled right in the middle of the Sonoma Coast is Bodega Bay and the Bodega Harbor, home to beautiful homes and classic coastal architecture.

Many of the homes in Bodega Bay feature ocean views and perch right up to the Bodega Harbor Links (golf course). Outside of the Bodega Harbor the local residences are often adjacent to untouched meadows with views of Egrets, Bobcats, and a plethora of wildlife. Below are a few of my favorite properties that I’ve photographed over the years in Bodega Bay.

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If you’d like to book a photo shoot for your real estate listing or vacation property along the Sonoma Coast, Bodega Bay, Jenner, or nearby; contact me at:

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