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Luxury properties, the pinnacle of interior and estate photography.

About 5 years ago I received my first real opportunity at photographing a major luxury property, “Villa de Madre” in Suisun Valley (just a few miles from Napa Valley, my home town).

A gregarious and joyful real estate broker by the name of Bill Doyle had seen some of my recent photography and video work online, notably looking for aerial photography and video. He described the property over the phone but insisted that I come meet with him at the estate, I agreed.

The property was nothing short of jaw dropping. A long palatial driveway lined with olive trees, arriving to a spacious roundabout at the front of the extravagant estate.

A true piece of luxury real estate, and it was my job to nail the photography.

Flanked by vineyards, Villa Madre is the largest property I’ve ever photographed, even to this day. Over 2,000 properties photographed since, I’ve still never seen a property so exorbitant. The indoor pool area alone is larger than most luxury homes.

A few years after I photographed Villa Madre, Robb Report magazine wrote a feature about the property with my photos included.

Here is the Robb Report article about Villa Madre

And here is a second Robb Report article about how the property can handle up to 100+ automobiles in the expansive garage (the previous owner was an extensive automobile collector).

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