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After roughly 8 years of photographing real estate and vacation properties, I’m starting to see something interesting: properties coming full circle.

About a year ago I received an inquiry via email to photograph a property up on Mt. Veeder. The address seemed familiar, but it’s hard to tell with the quantity I photograph each year (roughly 300 properties).

Upon arrival I realized I had photographed the same property a few years back. It was rough inside, shambles almost the first time around, but it was a paying gig. This time the property was nicely staged (by the owners) with a “BoHo Chic” decor, the landscaping had been renovated, and it had a renewed sense of comfort to it.

This has become an infrequent trend over the last year or two. Periodically I’ll approach a photo shoot only to realize I’ve photographed the same property before, sometimes with new additions, sometimes in worse shape. Typically the photo shoots are for real estate initially and then converted to a vacation property; sometimes they’re just for an interior designer or stager that’s taken the reigns.

This past week I had probably most transformative property I’ve circled back upon. Up in the hills of Glen Ellen, this beautiful estate was spared by the fires in recent years. Sitting at the top of a knoll with beautiful views over Sonoma County, the original interior seemed like an outdated property from the Hollywood Hills, yet still charming in it’s own way.

Emerald Green carpets throughout the house, multiple wet bars, a master closet the size of a second master bedroom, everything above the floor washed with an outdated shade of white.

Enter Bryan Hall of BrocBuilt Construction, a contractor out of Mill Valley. Bryan and his team carefully employed a complete renovation of the property inside and out. The results: amazing. Contemporary bathrooms, several walls removed from the living spaces to open up rooms, a re-sdesign of the interior decor, an added balcony, a new addition of a large game/media room. See for yourself below (exterior photos to come in the Spring).

If you’re interested in booking a photo shoot for real estate or vacation properties, I’d love to collaborate. I can be reached at:

Darren Loveland

(707) 363 – 2489 or [email protected]



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