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Thank you for taking the time to visit this page, outlining the terms and conditions of photography copyright, licensing, and ownership. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Please know that unless specifically written in to contract, photographers (in this case myself) always retain ownership and copyright of every photograph they capture, create, or produce. Hiring clients are paying exclusively for a license to utilize the photos from scheduled photography sessions, solely for marketing purposes. Often times my rates include the initial licensing fees for the hiring client. Additional details below.

Important information for licensing terms pertaining to images created for Real Estate Marketing:

All images are to remain the property of Darren Loveland. Images will remain his property and are protected by United States Copyright Laws (USC Title17). Client hereby waives any claims for ownership, income, and editorial control of the photos.

Estate photography prices and services include (to the client) NON-TRANSFERABLE, NON-RESELLABLE licensing rights to distribute the photographs for all marketing purposes specifically related to the sale of the property being photographed for the full continuous duration of the client’s listing agreement to a maximum of one year from date of payment; including the MLS, real estate websites, the realtor’s social media and print advertising.

The client is granted a non-transferable, non-resellable license for the image(s) for marketing their services in sold listing compilations and marketing portfolios for a period of 4 years beginning on the date of payment in full for charges relating to those photos. Photos used in marketing materials for the agent must include a photo credit immediately adjacent to the photo in the form of “Photography by Darren Loveland” and a footnote on the publication in the form of “Photos © (year of copyright) Darren Loveland” or in a manner to designate the photos in the media created by Darren Loveland if more than one of the photographer’s work is shown.

Photos may not be resold or otherwise transferred (from the hiring client) to those including, but not limited to: builders, architects, sellers, buyers, interior designers, stagers or subsequent listing agents, without the express consent of Darren Loveland. Copyright is exclusively retained by Darren Loveland and images must be licensed by any other party for additional use.

Darren Loveland, the photographer, reserves the right to relicense a copy of the images produced from any listing photo shoot to third parties such as (but not limited too) builders, architects, sellers, buyers, interior designers, stagers, subsequent listing agents, and editorial publications.

If the photos are of a “Model” home where they will be used to advertise more than one address, specific licensing arrangements must be made and additional fees paid in advance.

Finished photos delivered to the client may not be altered, adjusted, or edited in any form without direct consent and approval of Darren Loveland.

Licensing is subject to receipt in full of all charges related to the shoot. Other licensing terms can be negotiated to suit the needs of your project, additional fees typically apply.

Images shared on SOCIAL MEDIA (i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social media platform) must include a photo credit to the photographer: Darren Loveland (Instagram handle: @LovelandPhoto).

Darren Loveland reserves the right to withdraw all licensing terms, at any time.

Important information for licensing terms of all Commercial Photography services:

Commercial photography services include (but are not limited to):

  • Commercial wine industry photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Interior/architectural photography for contractors, vacation property managers, custom builders, and stagers
  • Advertising and “lifestyle” photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Event photography
  • Product photography

COPYRIGHT: All images are to remain the property of Darren Loveland. Images will remain his property and are protected by United States Copyright Laws (USC Title17). Client hereby waives any claims for ownership, income, and editorial control of the photos.

Subject only to the payment in full of the amount due under the agreed upon contract (written or verbal by hire) in respect of the goods and services to be provided or rendered by Darren Loveland; Darren Loveland hereby grants to Client a fully paid, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license, subject only to Darren Loveland’s retained rights under “COPYRIGHT” above, to all images taken or recorded pursuant to this contract (written or verbal), including but not limited to those delivered in the form of digital or physical media.

Pursuant to, but without limiting such license rights, Client may utilize the images for marketing and advertisement purposes, online marketing and promotions, collateral print marketing, and social media marketing, all of which pertaining to promote Client’s business or service, solely. Client may edit the scale and size of images as needed to fit specific formats.

Third party utilization of images captured by Darren Loveland and provided to the client must be authorized and delivered by Darren Loveland only. A subsequent fee for third party licensing and utilization by any third party will be applied. Said fees may vary depending on the nature of utilization and length of use. Third parties may include (but are not limited to) marketing and PR agencies, independent contractors, digital and print media agencies, local/regional/national news publications, affiliated contractors to the project (e.g. professional stagers for interior photo shoots, custom contractors for vacation property photo shoots, etc).

Darren Loveland retains the right to deny rights/utilization of any image provided to Client should the image be utilized in a lude, cruel, prejudice, or criminal form, deemed inappropriate by Darren Loveland. Darren Loveland reserves the right to withdraw licensing for images shared without prior agreements, at any time.

Print Image Requests

For print copies of images or digital files to be rendered in such utilization, please contact Darren Loveland at: [email protected] to discuss further.

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